The dictionary definition of commitments is pledge or promise; obligation.  A deeper definition is engagement, keeping one’s word, being involved (in a cause or relationship), behaving with integrity. 

Each word above is rife with deeper meaning, but the most direct meaning of keeping one’s commitments, one’s promises to each other is really embodied in the Golden Rule.  How sad that so few follow that rule, even though so many profess to a deep religious faith.  Doing onto others as one would have others do onto one is a direct reflection of trying to sustain harmonious relationships among our fellows.  That means, if one if invited, don’t promise to show up if you have no such intention to do so; an invitation is not casual.  Extend yourself a bit beyond your own sphere; act with empathy to your fellow – how would you feel, for example, if you prepared a large spread, and only three people showed up, instead of the 20 you invited?  Of course, this does not refer only to party invitations.  You can extend from this all form of interactions, such as being a bit gentler behind the wheel and letting another car into traffic.

Sadly, our lifestyle has become all too casual, as evidenced by the behaviors of the people depicted on reality TV – how they talk to each other, the easy way in which they find reason to attack each other, the offensive language they use … what have we come to?